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Carpets Wholesaler 1
Carpets Wholesaler 1

Original creation of kitchenware in embroidered textile. Bathroom carpets Exclusive agent for distribution of BACOVA products. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 2
Carpets Wholesaler 2

ENBIYA CIGDEM is a Turkish specialist in kilims who has been trading in kilims from Anatolia for many years (ANATOLIE KILIM). ...

Carpets Wholesaler 3
Carpets Wholesaler 3

Range of ethnic weaved fabrics in alpaca fabric: rugs, plump cushions for a colourful atmosphere. Stoles and woollens for softness with style. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 4
Carpets Wholesaler 4

APPARTEMENT A LOUER is showing a range of top quality household accessones such as fu rugs, jade mats, couture cushions. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 5
Carpets Wholesaler 5

3500 items 40000 m2 warehouses and a 16 sellers team will help you to respond to al your needs for basketware (for decoration or household). ...

Carpets Wholesaler 6
Carpets Wholesaler 6

Metal furniture Occasional wooden furniture. Table lamps, decorative items. Gifts, frames, fabrics and rugs. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 7
Carpets Wholesaler 7

Old Russian wallhangings with opulent dessins, completely restored. Hand-made needlepoint and Aubussonsin many reproductable dessins and sizes. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 8
Carpets Wholesaler 8

Strong experience of exporting 20' and 40' containers of French antiques to US dealers, I'll browse specifically for you within dozens ...

Carpets Wholesaler 9
Carpets Wholesaler 9

HABIDECOR bath mats offer you a world of colour, quality and gentle softness. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 10
Carpets Wholesaler 10

Out of standard, peole love to personalize their spaces without of standard house stuffs. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 11
Carpets Wholesaler 11

A designer/manufacturer of readymade kits. Matching curtains, bed covers, car rugs. settee covers, lamps, cushions, footstools... ...

Carpets Wholesaler 12
Carpets Wholesaler 12

KENZO MAISON continues with the development of its lifestyle world with new products in the 2002 collection. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 13
Carpets Wholesaler 13

We believe the decoration specialist must have full control over the design. An infinite number of combinations are created in our workshops. Discover ...

Carpets Wholesaler 14
Carpets Wholesaler 14

All-encompassing approach to the art of living. Furniture, lighting, home accessories. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 15
Carpets Wholesaler 15

Rug and carpet maker specialized in alterations, cutting, finishing, printing and distribution of floor coverings. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 16
Carpets Wholesaler 16

Original, modern French wallhangings and carpets. Handmade carpets in pure wool and silk. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 17
Carpets Wholesaler 17

Introducing all new, elegant, spectacular fabrics, pillows and printings. Colorfast and washabl yet, they preserve their beauty and charm. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 18
Carpets Wholesaler 18

RHOMTUFT presents a large range of bath room-carpets, rugs, towels, shower curtains and accessories. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 19
Carpets Wholesaler 19

The most creative collection of rugs and fabrics signed GABOUSTE ET BONETTI, OLIVIER GAGNERE, ALBERTO PINTO, etc. for SAM LAIK. ...

Carpets Wholesaler 20
Carpets Wholesaler 20

On the straying moonbeams, I shall steal over your bed, and becoming a dream, I shall slip into the depths of your sleep. ...

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